Three Things To Do With Your Old Construction Equipment

If you manage or own a construction company, you know that you have to replace your trusty construction equipment eventually -- newer equipment, even if it too is used, is usually more energy efficient and in better shape. However, that leaves the question of what to do with the old equipment. While you look for replacement equipment, consider these three things to do with the equipment you're getting rid of.

Scavenger and Salvage Companies

No matter the condition of your old equipment, even if it's non-operational, it's going to have many usable parts and materials like scrap metal. If you've got really old equipment, try contacting salvage companies that will go over the equipment for parts that other companies can use for repairs. The company may or may not offer payment for the equipment, depending on its policies; sometimes the equipment is in such bad shape that just hauling the equipment away without charging you is payment enough. However, each company you talk to will let you know what they do regarding who pays who.

Novelty Companies

Another option to consider is selling or donating the equipment to a novelty company who will use the equipment as part of a theme park. These really do exist; for example, the Winona Daily News reported in 2013 about a park in which non-construction people could get a chance to operate equipment like excavators and bulldozers. Another park near Las Vegas offers the same experience, allowing people to play around with heavy equipment while guided by an expert via a radio headset.

Consignment Sales or Trade-Ins

Another option is to trade the equipment in or send it to a consignment sales company. The company will hold the items and send you a payment once they sell for the prices you deemed acceptable. If you trade the pieces in, you can get discounted prices on newer models. Note that consignment sales can sometimes take a long time; these depend on how in-demand your old equipment models are and how willing others are to pay the prices you want. If you're in a rush to see financial benefits from the old equipment, trading in might be a better option for you. If you're willing to wait and would rather get cash instead of credit towards other equipment, consignment sales could work well for you.

If you're ready to get rid of that old equipment, especially if you want to trade it in for newer items, talk to companies that specialize in selling used construction equipment. They'll help you get a good price and find the right replacement items for your company. Click here for more information about used heavy construction equipment for sale.

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