3 Signs You Might Need An All-Terrain Crane For Your Next Project

When trying to figure out the right tool for the job, many project managers and builders have a tough time navigating the plethora of options available to the crane shopper. Pedestal-mounted, all-terrain, and tower cranes are just a few of the options available, each one with its one unique set of optimal conditions. Many smaller projects are best suited to an all-terrain crane for a number of reasons, and to make sure you're making the right choice on whether or not the rent an all-terrain crane, here are three situations that definitely call for an all-terrain crane. 

The Surface is Uneven/Unpredictable

This one is easy, since the ability of an all-terrain crane to handle tough ground conditions is implicit in their name. However, it should also be noted that all terrain cranes are well suited to areas with difficult terrain around them, too, rather that just at the side. For example, a perfectly flat concrete surface would normally call for a tower crane, but not with sheer rock face on all four sides. Another example would be if the surface is unpredictable, like if the area you're in is prone to flooding or heavy snow. In these cases, an all-terrain crane is the way to go. 

You'll Need Your Cranes to Travel Far

Another added bonus of an all-terrain crane is that they're simply so mobile. Rather than having to load a crane onto a flatbed or assemble and disassemble the crane at multiple sites, an all-terrain crane is perfectly equipped to "touch-and-go." Plus, many of these cranes can reach highway speeds, which can save you a day or two of time as opposed to trudging all that way with a slow trailer hauling an immobile crane. 

Urban Settings

Urban settings call for all-terrain cranes on just about all smaller projects short of constructing a skyscraper. To go back to the first sign of needed an all-terrain crane, the working conditions in an urban setting are almost always dynamic, and you may need to move your crane in a hurry for things like emergency responders or in the event of a workplace accident. Also, compactness is key when operating such a large piece of equipment in the middle of a city, which is another place where the all-terrain crane shines. These cranes can be packed up tightly to roll through narrow streets before putting out stabilizers and a long boom to get the job done. 

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