Tips For Buying Warehouse Material Handling Equipment & Supplies

Are you undecided about the type of material handling equipment to invest in for your newly opened warehouse? There are various types of equipment that will come in handy depending on the type of products in your warehouse. In this article, you will find a list of the types of material handling equipment and supplies that should be purchased for a warehouse.

1. Forklifts

The main type of material handling equipment that is useful for a warehouse is a forklift. Forklifts are useful when you have products stored in the warehouse that will need to be moved on a regular basis. It can be a timely task for your employees to move products manually. You can end up running an unproductive business and possibly not meet the needs of customers in a timely manner.

2. Electric Pallet Jack

An electric pallet jack is great for transporting goods around a warehouse just like a forklift. However, you will have an advantage with an electric pallet jack because they are usually more compact. You will be able to ride the piece of equipment in between narrow areas, such as shelves that are aligned close together and filled with products. The biggest perk of an electric pallet jack is that it can be driven at a faster speed than most forklifts, which is great for productivity. Keep in mind that the equipment is most commonly used for transporting small loads around a warehouse.

3. Pallets

You may also want to invest in pallets for your warehouse. Pallets will make storing your products a lot more organized than simply setting them around on shelves as is. You can place your products on the pallets and use a forklift when you need to load them onto a truck. Rearranging a warehouse is also a lot easier when products are sitting on pallets.

4. Commercial Dollies

You can't forget to purchase a few commercial dollies for your warehouse. The dollies are most useful for moving around products that are stored inside of boxes. The perk of a commercial dolly is that it is large and able to transport a large number of boxes at a time.

5. Cranes

If you will be dealing with moving around any equipment that is too heavy to lift, you might need a few cranes for your warehouse. Cranes are available in numerous sizes and will make lifting heavy objects an easy task for your employees.

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