3 Signs A Pad-Mounted Transformer Is The Best Choice For Your Industrial Business

If you are looking to purchase electrical transformers for your industrial company's needs, then you could be wondering what type of transformer you should purchase. For example, you could be wondering if you should opt for a pad-mounted or pole-mounted transformer. Either type of transformer can be useful, depending on the situation and what the transformer will be used for. These are a few signs that a pad-mounted transformer might be the right choice for your business.

1. You're Short on Space

If your industrial business is short on space, then you could be wondering how you are going to be able to make a transformer fit. Pole-mounted transformers can take up a whole lot of space, but if you choose one that is mounted on a pad, you should be able to fit it into a smaller area without as much of a problem. This can be a good way to make use of the space that you have.

2. You're Looking for a More Aesthetically Appealing Option

Of course, transformers are not really known for being decorative. However, some are more attractive than others. If you would like to help prevent your transformer from being an eyesore on your industrial property, then you may want to think about choosing a pad-mounted transformer. These transformers are often less noticeable and intrusive, so you can still keep your industrial property looking nice after the transformer has been put in place.

3. Your Area Experiences High Winds

If you live in an area where it's really windy, or if your area is sometimes affected by major storms like hurricanes or tornadoes, one thing that you need to think about is the potential of your transformer being affected by the weather. If your transformer is mounted on a pole, then you may have to worry about the pole eventually failing and the transformer being affected due to the high winds. If you choose a pad-mounted transformer, however, your transformer will be close to the ground. This can help you ensure that it's able to withstand higher winds.

As you can see, in some scenarios, a pad-mounted transformer is the best choice. If these three things seem like they might describe your company's situation, then you may want to think about opting for a pad-mounted transformer. Fortunately, if you work with a company that often provides transformers for industrial applications, then an experienced professional should be able to talk to you about the different options and should be able to help you choose the right industrial transformer for your company's needs.

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