3 Home Projects That Can Be Made Easier With An Electric Scissor Lift

Doing your own household repair and improvement projects might be a hobby of yours. Even though you might not mind getting your hands dirty and doing your own work, though, you might still be on the hunt for little tips and tricks that can make home repairs easier. With many repairs, an electric scissor lift can make your work easier. These can be easily rented from equipment rental companies and are ideal for many projects.

1. Repairing Your Roof

Keeping your roof in tip-top shape is one of the first steps of keeping the rest of your home in good shape. Without a good roof, your home isn't protected from the elements. Of course, climbing up a ladder to reach your roof and work on repairing or installing a new roof isn't ideal. It's dangerous, and you have to haul your own roofing materials up and down the ladder, which isn't fun. Using an aerial scissor lift makes roof repair easier and safer.

2. Working on Your Ceiling

If your home has shorter ceilings, standing on a simple step ladder might work fine for cleaning, painting, installing light fixtures and otherwise working on your ceiling. If you live in a home with taller ceilings, though, using a ladder might be difficult or dangerous. Cue in an electric scissor lift, which is actually ideal for indoor use. This is because they run off of electricity rather than fuel, so you don't have to worry about bringing fumes into your home.

With an electric scissor lift, you can reach your high ceilings so that you can finally scrape off the popcorn ceiling that you've been meaning to get rid of so that you can patch an area that was damaged by a leak or so that you can install a light fixture.

3. Cleaning Or Painting Your Home's Exterior

Your home's exterior might need some TLC. An electric scissor lift will help you finally take care of the outside of your home. If you've been having trouble getting the higher parts of your home's exterior clean with a water hose or pressure washer, an electric scissor lift can help you get the job done. It's also useful if you're going to be painting your home's exterior.

Electric scissor lifts are ideal for many things, including at-home projects. Work with a local equipment rental company like El Camino Rental to learn more about electric scissor lifts and their many uses. 

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