Three Things You Should Be Aware Of Before Renting A Mini Excavator

If you have a construction project for your land, you may be looking to do much, if not all, of the work yourself. This will mean renting some equipment that you don't have that will be critical for the project. Although you may have a need for various equipment to move objects such as rocks, timber, or concrete, the most important job will likely be excavation. The following are a few things you should understand before you rent a mini excavator for your construction project.

Determine how much work is needed

Take a look at your project and begin making a list of everything you need done that requires a mini excavator. This serves two purposes. The first is that you can easily look at the list and compare that to the price of renting an excavator. You may decide it is easier to hire someone to do the work, but if you still want to do the job, then you will know how long you will need the excavator. The second important part of having this list is for assistance at the rental company. They will likely have more than one size of excavator available, so a service representative can look at the work needed and point you to the best size for your project.

Get a quote for the full price

Once you understand which piece of equipment you will need, you can get a detailed quote for the rental. It's not enough to know how much the machine will cost for the time you need it — you will want to know the additional fees as well. Although a rental company will deliver and pick up the excavator, they will usually charge for this. There may also be additional fees such as insurance that are added to the cost of renting. Although they may seem like hidden fees to the uninitiated, they are part of renting heavy construction equipment. You only need to be aware that the cost of rental may be higher than an advertisement you read.

There is a learning curve to operate a mini excavator

Although these machines are easy to operate, you will need to take some time to get a feel for the controls before you begin working on a job. You will receive instruction on the controls and operation from the rental company if you ask, but you will still need to operate them so you can be productive and avoid accidents. You will also need to understand basic safety. This will also be impressed upon you by the rental company, and they will explain these safety procedures to you.

You may find it rewarding to do your own construction project, but if this is your first time renting a mini excavator, you need to rent the right size, understand the total cost, and learn how to use it. Check out websites like to learn more.

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